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Brief Introduction

Since the establishment of the first sheltered workshop in Hong Kong in 1973, we have evolved and developed to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services.  We believe that all people, regardless of their intellectual abilities, are valuable assets to the society.  They have talents, way of thoughts, life experience and deserve our respect.  People with disabilities should also have the rights to lead a quality life; to pursue physical, emotional and material satisfaction; and to realize self-determination.  They should be given opportunities for personal growth, relationship building and the chance to blend into the society.

 In respond to the service needs and to better serve the community, in 2017 Rehabilitation Service has restructured and established three mutually supportive service teams while having their own developmental directions, namely ‘Dynamic Working & Wellness’, ‘Enjoyment & Inclusion’ and ‘Life Enrichment & Participation’.


Rehabilitation Services adopt person-centered approach to support people with disabilities (mainly people with mental disabilities or ex-mentally ill persons) to facilitate their choices of living and enhance their quality of life.

Rehabilitation Services Website
Services provided include

Day Activity Centres

  • Jockey Club Wan Chai Integrated Service Team
  • Happy Valley Integrated Service Team
  • Sunny Integrated Service Team
  • Parkside Integrated Service Team
  • Greenery Integrated Service Team

Residential Service

  • Sunny Residence
  • Parkside Residence
  • Greenery Residence
  • Blissful Residence
  • Cheerful Residence
  • Joyful Residence (Elderly home for People with Intellectual Disabilities)
  • Dawn Residence
  • Supported Hostel
  • Residential Respite Service

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Delightful Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centre
  • Jockey Club Endeavour Workshop + Albert Wu Rainbow Workshop
  • Jockey Club Upcycling Centre
  • Supported Employment
  • On the Job Training Programme for People with Disabilities

Mental Health Service

  • Wellness Pro
  • Pilot Scheme on New Service Protocol for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Hong Kong Island and Islands District, excluding Lantau Island)
  • (M:) Drive ~ Mobile Van for Publicity Service on Mental Wellness)
  • “Sunny Meadow” Mental Health Support Service
  • Integrated Mental Health Programme (HK East/NT West Cluster)
  • Project: 3C Project

Community Support Service

  • Leisure Service ~ Social & Recreational Centre
  • WE NET Club ~ District Support Centre(Wanchai)
  • WE NET Club ~ District Support Centre(Eastern)
  • Life Forward ~ Person-Centered Service
  • Commercial-hired Transport Service for People with Disabilities
  • Life Education Support Service
  • Jockey Club C • Care Programme - St James’ Settlement Care with Love Support Service

Art Development

Specialty Service

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy

Social Enterprise

  • Mustard Seed Bakery