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Wish List
SUN Teens

Since 2009, the Settlement has established a youth mental health project namely ‘SUN Teens’ for professional counseling and group intervention for youths with anxiety or depression on self financed basis. It is well known that mental health issue in Hong Kong among children and youth is getting more alarming in the past decade. Anxiety, depression, self harm and suicide are no longer uncommon among our young population. We wish to have stable financial support, so that we can maintain on-going services for the needy children and youth in times of hardship. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 2831 3232.

Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre
Environmental Improvement Project

Dementia Care Support Service Centre (Sai Wan) was established in 1999, it provides one-stop comprehensive dementia care support service on self-financed basis. Dementia became a serious social problem due to aging population and the support for people with dementia is inadequate. Having considered the deterioration of the centre facilities and equipment, we are looking for resources to renovate and to upgrade the facility and equipment of the centre. We wish our service users can enjoy a comfortable, safety and warmth living environment like staying at home. For enquiries, please feel free to call us at 2831 3232.